Thursday, April 29, 2010

Use the word 'iron' in the piece you write today.


  1. ...and when she listens to me, her understanding heart irons out my emotions, smoothing every crease of grief, every fold of sorrow, and each little wrinkle of fear, until the faith flows freely into another day.

  2. Sometimes I think I could fix everything by breaking something. I’ve known people who punch through walls on occasion, but that doesn’t solve anything. Their anger always comes back. Their problems always come back. That’s because they do it wrong. You can’t fix problems with your fist.

    If I were going to punch up the wall, I’d do it with a hammer. A hammer would surely be more effective than my hand. But drywall’s not really my thing.

    What I really want is to hear the song of shattering glass. If I close my eyes and listen closely, sometimes I can hear it in my head already. It’s peaceful and comforting and it calls to me like sirens to a sailor.

    Break something.

    I’d rather take a hammer to the tv or the mirror than the wall. Even better still, I’d like to take out the windows with a baseball bat or a five iron; I’m pretty sure that would make me feel better.

    Sometimes I fantasize about buying a case of beer and then driving out to the desert and hurling each bottle as far as it can go. I want to hear it explode when it hits the ground and hear the tinkle of the fractured pieces crashing against each other as they flutter back down again.

    But I’m pretty sure that would mean I'm crazy, so I don’t.

    I wonder how crazy the fantasy makes me.